Dilston Physic Garden

Discover the secret power of the plants around you.  Did you know that just about every European species has mystery & medicine surrounding it?

Above the meandering Dyvels Water in Northumberland, Dilston Physic Garden embraces the natural beauty and importance of plants for health and medicines.  Explore this beautiful tranquil physic garden and its two acre collection of 800 European medicinal species.  Learn exciting facts that could change your life on the way.

Signboards tell you what part of health each plant supports and how.  From fascinating legends and folklore in the history of each plants use, to their relevance in cutting edge science and medicine today,  discover why plants are essential to keep us healthy, to boost our brain power and of vital importance as medicines worldwide.

The world of phytochemicals is astonishing –  there is an enormous amount of scientific research coming from universities and laboratories around the world and there’s much more to unfold – new herbs and phytochemicals to treat specific disorders, and to boost and preserve our health.  We’re only just uncovering the health benefits of plants and their phytochemicals as preventative medicines.  Plants contain antibacterials, antifungals, anti-virals as well as anticancers, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories  – all of which they produce to look after themselves in their environment (against fungus, bacteria, viruses and cancers and to preserve their metabolic systems).  Many of these molecules do and may have the same effects in our body.

At this physic garden we are particularly interested in plants that benefit the brain and mind.  From plants to safely help us sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, lift mood and to boost our attention and memory, this is a fascinating and exciting area to discover and much needed in today’s life.  There is increasing science and clinical evidence behind the use of several species traditionally used to boost the brain.  In collaboration we have just completed our first pilot trial testing a combination of 3 European plant extracts on word recall on volunteers – with results showing the group aged under 62 years, who took the extract containing the test herbs, improved in their ability to remember correctly by over 50%, compared to those who didn’t take it in the same age group.

Always consult a registered medical herbalist before taking any plant medicinally.

Opening Times

WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS 11am – 4pm April to October

(groups welcome any other time by appointment)

2016 season opening is Wednesday 6th April

Workshops, Foundation in Plant Medicine, The Physic Shop, Fresh Botanical Tea, Trails, Guided Physic Garden and Botanical Medicine Group Tours available – please contact us to book.

Unearth more secrets of the plants around us by booing one of our inspiring workshops, from botanical first aid, perfumery, flower essences, botanical folkloric history, plants of the gods & boosting your brain, to mindfulness, art, poetry, writing, feng shui, & astronomy.

Discovering plants for your health with our Foundation in Plant Medicine course, could well be one of the best things you have ever done (or so we are told !).

Lots to See & Do

Watch our 2 minute video on the physic garden.  This physic garden is not just about plants for health and medicines.  It’s a place to boost your mood.  Come to unwind, relax and take it easy, away from life’s hustle and bustle.  Relax on our aromatic Chamomile Lawn.  Wander the 100 Willow Coppice (dedicated to the commonest drug available) and our Medicinal Meadow.  Follow the Labyrinth and one of our developing trails, discovering safe plants to boost the brain.  Take a break at the AromaSeat.

Sit by the Tranquility Pool, make a wish at the Cloutie Tree. Watch the Wind Sculpture, stop by the Time Space Zone (and see medicinal botanicals from round the world & through history).
Soak up the sun at the SunDial Seat.  Browse our little shop ‘The Physic Shop’ with locally produced botanical lotions, potions, soaps, dried botanical teas & more.  Grow your own physic garden – purchase an unusual potted herb to take home.

Plants & Modern Medicine

Dilston Physic Garden is a Registered Charity.

With links to the University of Newcastle in several ways, including interactions with Northeast Universities Medicinal Plant Research Group (MPRG), educational visits from North East university medical students, groups from other university departments.

As well as taking interactive educational visits from primary and secondary schools.


Our volunteers are central in caring for the plants at Dilston Physic Garden and say they experience many rewarding opportunities and in a number of different and exciting ways.
As well as keeping all of the physic garden herbs healthy and happy and harvesting them to make tea or to dry and package them, volunteers also show visitors around and answer questions.

We provide any training needed and volunteers pick up herbal tip bits, enjoy good company and the odd healthy herbal lunch!

Volunteers can be reimbursed for traveling expenses and also have the chance to join a workshop of their choice, free of charge. Just contact us to start your experience !

DilstonPhysicGarden @MedicalBotany

What others say about us

A. Robson

“The most equisite magical garden you could find”

A. Robson
L.S., Salford

“What a fantastic find! Thank you.”

L.S., Salford
M.R., Newcastle

“A beautiful and peaceful garden and a real source of inspiration.”

M.R., Newcastle
P.N, Sheffield

“Absolutely fabulous. Thank you.”

P.N, Sheffield
Scot's rose | Dilston Physic Garden | September 2016

Samhain Ceremony in the Physic Garden: Sunday 30th October 3.00pm – 7.00pm

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Commission: Eavesdropping on Medicinal Plants

Physic Garden Commission: Eavesdropping on Medicinal Plants The Person We are looking for someone with electronic, electrical and musical expertise – and loads of enthusiasm and initiative. The Project Creating an electrical machine that will record changing electrical potentials on parts of plants in the Physic Garden. Requirements: attachment leads, instrument conversion to readout as visual waves […]

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Dilston Dispensary of Herbal Medicines at Dilston Physic Garden

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