Visiting the garden by bus or train, visitors will be prepared for a short walk. Coming by car there is still a walk of a couple of hundred yards from the car park to the Physic Garden gate.

This is a very pleasant walk along a riverside lane which is also a public footpath and slopes up gently to the Physic Garden at the garden end.
This access is not suitable for wheelchairs, although, for the disabled if the weather is dry, cars can as an exception, go all the way up to the gate.
However, it must be said that although the main Physic Garden is all at one level there are narrow/ gravel paths and edges to the beds that make wheelchair access challenging.


We’re working on it, but currently our car park is very small.

Please kindly park your car only at Dilston Scout Camp if you are coming to a workshop or event on a public open day  – a Wednesday or Saturday.

Directions for Dilston Scout Camp Car Park : 

  • Dilston Scout Camp car park is a grassy field car park situated  200yds towards Hexham from the Physic Garden car park.  You will find it just off on the A695 – the turning is at the top of the hill. Turn directly left into the field just after turning onto lane; please do not drive down the scout camp lane, which is private.
  • Walk 500yds down the lane, turn left onto the public footpath at the cottage & after 250yds (or 5 minutes) you’ll come to the Physic Garden entrance gate on the left.