Talks & Tours

Our popular talk and demos are often available, depending on the time of your visit, just let us know your needs and we shall do our best to accommodate. We can come to you too.

  • Intro Tour

    A fascinating all round ‘Intro Tour’, talking you round the different gardens and given by trustee Kay Cooke (£30 60min)

  • Botanical Medicine

    This is a popular talk/ tour given by medical herbalist Ross Menzies, for groups who would like to explore the wonderful healing virtues of our native plants and some of the wild foods available too. Ross shares many interesting stories based on his experience as a herbalist, and gives you herbs to taste, bringing the plants to life.  The talk allows you to appreciate the beauty of the garden and will ensure you never see a hedgerow in the same way again (£45 60min).

  • Physic Garden Intro Tour

    Given by Elaine Perry, the curator and creator of Dilston Physic Garden and emeritus professor of neuroscience, this tour introduces the concept of a physic garden, takes you round special collections and focuses on plants shown by science to be effective for the brain and mind (£30 45min).

  • School Visits

    We also offer visits for school children that fit into your current curriculum needs, children love the physic garden!

  • Student Groups

    Dependent on availability we can give a short introductory science based talks such s ‘Natures Pharmacy’ and other tours for older school children, science, medical, M.Sc. or other students (at £30/hr)

  • Horticultural Tour

    Given by medical herbalist and horticulturalist Jill Schnabel, who takes you round the physic garden from the gardeners perspectives (£45/hr)