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This event will be live on 28th February 2021 – on this date click the button below for the session.

Botanical Art as Medicine

 60 Minutes

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This wonderful session has been created and brought to you by Eleanor Sara Darley.

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More Information:

Botanical art as Medicine

  • Drawing the medicine of our gardens.
  • Art techniques to connect to the spirit of a plant.
  • How to bring out the character and aliveness of plants in your artwork.

A workshop to bring you into connection with the plants in your garden through art. The drawing techniques will help you experience how you can form a relationship with the character, gesture and medicine of the plants. There is a long tradition of botanical art as a science and a way to record the exact form and properties of plants, but Eleanor who is an artist and art therapist uses the artistic process as a way to experience the  medicine and intelligence of the plants on a much more therapeutic level.

Don’t worry, no artistic skills necessary!