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Children know of the mandrake root thanks to Harry Potter, but there are many more exciting discoveries to be made and in real life not in a storybook!
Dilston physic garden is becoming a popular educational attraction as an extension to curriculum learning or just as a fun and exciting place for school children, youngsters and students to visit championing the future of medicinal plant uses.

Children are intrigued by the magic garden which has in its corner a witches’ den but mainly by the fascinating folklore and mysterious magic around some of the medicinal plants. They also love to roll on the aromatic chamomile lawn and parents often note that they become calmer as a result, which is clinically proven of course!

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I recommend that children should go here because there are lots of fun things to do, it’s exciting and there are trails to follow and is a prize at the end.

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We have created a safe environment to engage children to help them develop an enjoyment of nature and of plants and in particular of the use of herbs for their health.
There are also toys for younger children to play with and a Magic Bean planting area where children plant their bean and return later to see what is at the top of their bean stalk!
We welcome children from nursery, educational, development, activity or club orientated groups accompanied by an adult.

Visits from groups are welcome and we can offer guided tours, expert talks and fun learning activities to suit differing interests and abilities.
We also run childrens HERBOLOGY POTION HUNTS with medical herbalist Davina Hopkinson, see our Workshop page for this years dates. Children enjoy a fun potion treasure hunt through this amazing garden and love solving the puzzles, learning fascinating herby facts and also using herbs to keep them safe on their journey.

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