By giving a donation today, you can help us achieve our aim of education on plants for health, medicine and wellbeing. improve our accessibility Dilston Physic Garden requires key developments in order to improve our accessibility from essentials such as hot water to our teaching room, covering our veranda to shelter full size school classes, upgrading our amenities, improving our access and parking for all to developing or educational outreach program.

By giving a donation today, you can help us maintain and preserve the physic garden into the future. Donations can be made toward specific fundraising projects above or go towards maintaining the medicinal plants through the season, undertaking the administration running of the physic garden, undertaking scientific research into key brain protective beneficial plants

Dilston Physic Garden is a dedicated enterprise researching and educating on the science of plants for health and medicine. As a registered charity it receives with no central funding and is run by a small group of scientists, medical herbalists and volunteers. Conservation and health education are at the heart of Dilston.

A charity for education, our vision is to increase public and educational engagement with the natural world, heighten awareness of the importance of biodiversity and educate on the benefits of medicinal plants for health, medicine and in cutting-edge drug discovery, as well as utilise the 2-acre site as an outdoor space for wellbeing.

We are strongly focused on raising awareness of plant medicine as an overlooked indispensable knowledge to help prevent chronic ailments and on helping bridge the gap that has grown between plant medicine and general medicine by educating on the now considerable scientific research that shows the efficacy of plant medicine.

Your donation will help enable future generations to understand the value of, and learn from, the power of plants for health, medicines and as cutting edge drugs and of the value of nature for mental wellbeing.

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If you would like to make a contribution to, or sponsor, a specific project that we are much in need of, then please contact 07879 533875

You can also donate via Bank Transfer or Cheque. Transfer details are Dilston Physic Garden Community Account, Barclays Bank, Hexham Branch 20-40-09  00599638. Cheques to Dilston Physic Garden Limited can be posted to Dilston Physic Garden, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5QZ.

If like other charities, you consider including Dilston Physic Garden in your will – a legacy to the Physic Garden would be your contribution to our future and enable us to continue the Physic Garden’s mission as a Centre for Education.

For further details on our current projects please scroll down.

Our Current Fundraising Projects

  • Coach Drop for larger group and educational visits

    A much needed Car Park Expansion to allow coach drop off for schools, and larger group and educational visits.

    Allowing opportunities for schools and other groups to visit and discover and learn how plants benefit their health and their future, the importance of plants as botanical medicines and source for drug discovery and other curriculum based learning from health and science to botany and history.

  • Sign Renovation

    Our many information signboards that are spread around the physic garden are in need of renovation.  We need to replace the current metal frames with uncoated stainless steel and then replace the stickers.

    We also need to develop information signs for schools and educational visits.

  • Develop Outreach Opportunities for Schools

    Help expand our educational reach.  The development of our Educational Outreach Program aims to inspire school children on health, medicine and science and inform them of the essential value of plants and their bioactive ingredients, to their health and development.

  • Access For All

    Help enable access for all through renovation of our access area and by development of our current paths and amenities to enable access for all abilities

  • Public Talk on Plants For Health

    We are also fundraising to enable public talks on the wonders of plants for health and as medicines, extending the reach of the physic garden to provide members of the public with information on how medicinal plants and using plants can transform health, lives and may even prevent disease.

  • Time Space Zone Development

    Our new Time Space area, a key area for development expanding the plants we have to show those from round the world and also importantly used through history. If you would like to donate to this please email Professor Elaine Perry