Make Your Own Natural Skincare: Organic Skincare For Little Ones

Make Your Own Natural Skincare: Organic Skincare For Little Ones


May 14, 2023    
10:00 am - 1:00 pm




Dilston Physic Garden
Dilston Physic Garden, Dilston, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5QZ

Spend the morning immersing yourself in beautiful cold pressed oils and herbal extracts to learn the magic of organic skincare for your little ones. 

The session will begin with an exploration of some of the gentlest oils and herbs for your children followed by the chance to make your own lavender infused massage oil, a botanical repairing oil and finally, a soothing herbal bath soak for relaxing bedtime bathing. 

You’ll leave the workshop with a goodie bag of everything you’ve made including a deep sleep massage oil, repair and protect oil and your bath soak. You’ll also receive an e-booklet of everything we’ve learned together. 

This workshop is designed to give you the chance to shut off from the world, soak up a new skill and knowledge, and help you care for your children’s skin in a gentle, natural way. 

For further details about Sarah and her work you can visit her Facebook Page or Instagram.

£55. All materials provided.

Parking for all workshops and events is in our Top-up Car Park shared with Dilston Scouts – directions.




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