Our Friends

Friends play a crucial role in the conservation of Dilston Physic Garden.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support and individual expertise of the following people and significant others who are not listed here.

  • Dr Elizabeth Marshall for all her research into content for our Signboards, and for continuously producing essential and engaging Information Booklets.
  • The Natural History Society of Northumbria and its Wednesday Botany Group for verification of Physic Garden species.
  • Davina Hopkinson for her time and expertise in plant medicine and in creating botanical education activities and projects for school visits.
  • Lesley Miller for outstanding expertise in landscape design.
  • Helen Steadman for her invaluable editorial experience in the production of our books.
  • Kay Cooke for advice, assistance and support in many areas, and, in particular, printed publications.
  • Jonathan Perry for essential IT assistance.
  • Helen Stephenson for excellent marketing advice.
  • Robert Perry for continuing advice on technical, IT and development strategies.
  • Dr. Anne Pickering, whose Ph.D thesis was on ‘The value of Botanic Gardens in Conservation and Recreation’ (University of Newcastle). Anne was Director of Moor Bank Botanic garden for 20 years; during that time, she was a member of the Medicinal Plant Research Group,  undertaking collaborative research on the use of plants to improve memory. A number of her peer-reviewed articles on the antioxidant properties of plants has been published.

Our Volunteers – longstanding and wonderful!

Thank you to our faithful volunteers who work tirelessly, contributing many essential roles in maintaining the Garden at Dilston.

Thank you also to the County Council’s Social Enterprise Northumberland support team who advised us on professional signage, and so enabled us to achieve a substantial ‘Awards for All’ grant in 2007.

Local signmakers Robin Watson Sign & Design, working collaboratively with the Garden team, designed an innovative series of medicinal plant signboards. Frames can be tilted for more accessible reading, and text is replaceable and so easily updated. It’s necessary to change all signs round at some point, so ours are designed with ease of movement in mind.