We think it’s vital for children to spend time outdoors, connecting with nature, learning about conservation and the important health benefits of the plants around them – an exploration that will set them up for life! That’s why we have created Help Children Flourish.

This project aims to educate children on plants for health and medicine, both through inspiring visits to Dilston Physic Garden and through developing our exciting outreach programme, Roots & Shoots.

At the physic we are fundraising to improve our educational facilities, access, information and spaces for children, so that we are able to better inspire, engage and educate with children from a range of ages and backgrounds. Our first project is to provide hot water and heating to our current classroom and we hope to be as eco as possible within this system.

Outreach, we are fundraising to support and develop our new Roots & Shoots in-school programme – so that the knowledge of plants for health and medicine can reach pupils in all schools.

To donate to either the physic garden project or the Roots & Shoots campaign, please add the Help Children Flourish donation to your shopping basket on this website – you can enter more than one item in the checkout page, checkout normally, postage for your donation is free! Thank you, a donation no matter how small makes a big difference.

If you can offer any support in kind for either project please email info@dilstonphysicgarden.com.

NEW ROOTS & SHOOTS school project 

After much planning our newly developed ‘Roots and Shoots’ in-school program is launching in 2022. With scientific research at the core of what we do, our aim is to teach school children the essential knowledge of how the plants around them help ward-off disease, and of how to use plants to safely treat common ailments encountered in life.

Sessions are delivered in school and combine the science with aspects of health, medicine, history and folklore that can be integrated across the curriculum. Pupils take part in a mixture of practical activities and discussion. Our hope is to deliver between three and six sessions a year as part of the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ curriculum, focusing on one in-season British medicinal plant per visit. We will put the program through its paces at Hexham Middle School in Northumberland on March 17th 2022 and we’d like to thank Mr Freeman-Myers for his support in organising this visit.

Other schools in south Northumberland can contact us at info@dilstonphysicgarden.com to take part in this exciting ‘Roots & Shoots’ module for their children.