Magical Botanical Book Launch

Last Saturday saw the launch of our new book, Magical Botanical, with an afternoon of fizz, scintillating botanical sampling and lively discussion on plants shown by science to our enhance our conscious experience, given by authors Professor Elaine Perry with Dr Nicolette Perry.

The Magical Botanical Book

Enjoy conscious living and unlock your hidden potential. Explore the use of plants, from familiar herbs to exotic species, which can enhance your conscious experience. Discover how skullcap and wormwood sharpen perception, while hop and catnip promote euphoria, blue lotus and cacao stimulate imagination, mugwort and passion­ flower transform dreaming and vervain or bay laurel prompt spiritual states.

Find out how to prepare effective teas, tinctures and inhalations as well as enticing dishes from roots, leaves or seeds. And learn how to grow and harvest many of the plants yourself. Up-to-date neuroscience endorses ancient wisdom and practice. The plant chemicals target brain signalling systems which affect mood and mind. Ingredients in passion­ flower and blue lotus act on the serotonin signal and controlled human studies show how valerian increases dream intensity and cacao boosts creative cognition. Used by medical herbalists, these botanicals are safe and free from legal restrictions or effects of potent mind-altering psycheadelics. This book is therefore an essential guide for using the power of plants to explore and enhance your conscious experience.

You can buy the book here.