Meet the Grey Lady

The Grey Lady has been seen visiting the physic garden. We are hoping she will come again most Saturdays this summer to give a Magic and Medicine tour of the physic garden. Please book a place by 1pm and meet at the garden gate at 1.30pm £2 per person.

The ghost of the 3rd Countess of Derwentwater lives in the remains of Dilston Castle on the other side of the Devil’s Water river. She will appear to tell the magic stories about medicinal plants – the herbs she looked after before her castle was demolished 250 years ago. You will hear how the magic stories of old led us to today’s medicines and you will also meet:

Ellie the Mischievous Elf

The Plague Doctor

Belladonna the Witch


The Archangel Angelica

The Devil Chaser

Kitty in the Sky


See you at the physic garden!