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This event will be live on the 11th April  2021 at 10am – on this date click the button below for the session.

Mindful Self Compassion

60 Minutes

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This beautiful session is run by Louisa (a qualified Mindfulness Based Living Teacher) from Metanoia Mindfulness Based Living.

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Metanoia Mindfulness Based Living 

More Information:

Would you like to find out more about mindfulness and self-compassion?

Is your inner critic preventing you from living a more peaceful and fulfilled life?

Are you looking for ways to respond to difficult moments in life with kindness care and understanding?

Developing self-compassion skills can support us in being kind and caring toward ourselves rather than being critical and judgmental. It allows us to feel more connected to others when we suffer, rather than feeling isolated and alone. The good feelings of self-compassion do not depend on being special and better than other people; instead, they come from caring about ourselves and recognising that we all go through difficult times and it’s only human to get distressed on occasion.

This introductory workshop will introduce you to some of the skills of self-compassion so you can begin to respond to difficult times in your life with kindness and care.