Learn about the wonderful therapeutic powers of medicinal plants, their fascinating history & folklore, or the ways in which they transform and rejuvenate your body and your mind
You might love to learn how to use botanicals to make your own first aid remedies, perfumes, essence or lotions

Or you can discover how to boost your brain power, what the benefits of seaweed are or explore the folklore and medicines of our magical trees and Children might like to join our Potions Clubs during the summer.

You can also enjoy creative writing & drawing, mindfulness, new mindspa days, recycled sound/ music workshops, astronomy and much more…
Facilities for workshops include use of the physic garden, our Herbology House (& wc) and provision of herb tea.

To book your Workshop from the list simply use the individual contact in the course details below.

PARKING Please note if you are coming to a workshop during physic garden opening hours (Wed & Sat 11-4pm), due to our small car park, please park at Dilston Scout Camp (directions).

LEARN MORE ABOUT HERBS FOR YOUR HEALTH with our popular 10-day summer discovery of herbal medicine over 5 weekends – ‘A Foundation in Plant Medicine’ diploma – visit our Foundation Course  page to see details and to book your place for summer 2014 (only 15 places available).
2015 10-day consecutive Foundation Course – we are now taking provisional bookings for a new continuous session for the Foundation in Plant Medicine course from Fri 28th August – Sat 5th September 2015 – with great places to stay in Northumberland this makes a really pleasurable 10-day break – email nslperry@gmail.com to book. 
Accommodation for 2+ day workshops can be found at a number of nearby B&Bs – e.g. Dilston Mill (www.dilstonmill.com), Dilston Plains (01434 602785), The Crofts (www.2thecrofts.co.uk), Priorfield B&B (01434 633179), Rohilla (www.rohillabedandbreakfast.co.uk), Peartree House (www.peartreebedandbreakfast.com) or Shepherds Dene House (www.shepherdsdene.co.uk).

Courses 2014

Please note that some courses run on more than one date over the summer
(Foundation in Plant Medicine course students: * = optional course choice)


with Elaine Perry, Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska, Nicolette Perry
Saturday 5th April 2014
Saturday 18th October 2014
1pm–4pm (half day course)

DPG WorkshopDiscover plants that enhance your mind & mood. Looking mainly at those plants growing around us in the Physic Garden we will begin with the intriguing human brain and how plant chemicals interact with it.  Then discover how plants actually improve our mind and our well-being – from memory & attention, mood & happiness to sleep & dreaming.  Find out how plants have led to new discoveries of drugs used today and have even identified how our brain actually works.  Suggested ways of taking the plants will be given, with a focus on herbal teas, essential oils and foods.
Course is run by neuroscientist and garden curator, Professor Elaine Perry; senior consultant psychiatrist in clinical practice and research at University of Newcastle Institute of Ageing & Health, Dr Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska who will focus on medicinal and nutritional plants for brain power; and plant medicine researcher (pharmacognosist) and physic garden director, Dr Nicolette Perry who will focus on essential oils to keep you calm and happy.  There will be an exciting mix of powerpoint presented information and practical experience of the plants as they are growing, their essential oils and medicinal herbal teas & snacks.
£15.  To book please email Nic nslperry@gmail.com or telephone 07879 533875

DPG Workshop


with keith Belmont
Saturday 19th April 2014
1pm-4pm (half-day course)
How magic and mystery reveal medical healing in any garden… your garden… and bring joy in each and every moment.  This will be based on four basic rules that a sacred garden reveals to all of us.  It will be simple active fun… and attendees will be required to leave their limitations and fears at the garden gate for the afternoon.
£30.  To book email gaiahex@btinternet.com or telephone 01434 606258


with Leigh Smyth
Saturday 26th April 2014
(half day course)
DPG WorkshopThis course will help you understand how your companion animal (focusing mainly on horses, dogs and cats) has evolved using natural remedies. Learn which ones are useful to grow and use with them for common ailments. Devised and presented by Leigh Smyth who works therapeutically with humans and animals using a number of healing modalities, including the use of herbs, essential oils and other natural remedies.  Leigh Smyth of ‘Essentials for Equilibrium’ is passionate about the medicinal/ healing properties of herbs, essential oils and other natural substances for our animal companions. Having trained at the Institute of Zoopharmacognosy, Leigh is keen to help as many animals as possible. Leigh is also a Registered Nurse and Reiki Master. She says all animals can and do heal themselves with the earth’s natural products,
£25 (less for Foundation in Plant Medicine participants).
To book contact Leigh on 01830 520098 / 07814822531 or email leigh@animalhealthefe.com  www.animalhealthefe.com


with Kathy White-Webster
10am-1pm (half day course) on the following 4 dates:
Wednesday 30th April 2014
Friday 4th July 2014
Wednesday 9th July 2014
Wednesday 23rd July 2014
A morning of walking meditation; step out of the fast pace of life for a morning and learn to let go of stress. The intention of walking meditation is just to walk and let go of worries about the future or memories of the past. Walking meditation is a key mindfulness practice which helps engage fully with our lives. It is a practise which connects us to ourselves, to nature, to each other and to all of life. Dilston Physic Garden offers a sanctuary to learn simple mindfulness techniques to use in daily life. Medicinal plants border the pathways; nature supports us as we come back to our senses.
“When we practise walking meditation, we are not trying to get anywhere. It is sufficient to just be with every step, realising that you are just where you are. The trick is to be there completely.”
Give yourself the space to be here now and learn to let go of worries about the future or being caught up in memories of the past. Feel restored ready to return to the fast pace of life equipped with ways of being more present for ourselves, our family, our colleagues and our community. Techniques to be learned: walking meditation, sitting meditation, 3 minute breathing space to be used in the fast pace. The practices will be guided and take place whatever the weather. Please come prepared with outdoor clothing.  Please bring a packed lunch, hot drinks will be supplied.
£30.  A £15 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place, the balance being paid on the day.
To book email Kathy k.whitewebster@btinternet.com .com  (booking confirmed with fee) or phone 01434 683893.


with Lynne E Ridley (TIACE, BEH dip. BAF reg.)
Saturday 3rd May 2014
1pm-4pm (half day course)
The ability to sense energy by sight, feel, sound or smell is within us all and this ability can be easily awakened using some very simple exercises. This afternoon will be dedicated to enabling you to sense and begin to interpret the energetic qualities of trees, plants and each other.  You will learn techniques to identify and clear congested areas allowing healing to take place.  Aimed at beginners it is my intention that this workshop be empowering, enlightening inspiring and fun. www.bi-aura.com
To book email lineorg2012@hotmail.com  Text or Tel.  0789 9816862


with Kay Cooke
Sunday 4th May 2014
Sunday 1st June 2014

Stressed? Tired? Lost the plot?

In need of relaxation and recharge?

Join us for a day in this magical environment for rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, with practical activities that will build your personal resilience for all DPG Workshopareas of life.

Learn how to use your neurology to get the results you want and discover herbs that help.  Using metaphor, visualisation, and solution focused thinking; you will also experience the benefits of NLP, for those who are curious.

£65 per person including VAT & refreshments. Booking essential – limited places available. You will need to bring a packed lunch and both indoor & outdoor clothes.

To book contact Kay Cooke Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Therapist
t. 07876 228157 e.
kay@the-me-group.com w. www.the-me-group.com | www.the-me-room.com 


with Sarah Hughes
Wednesday 21st May 2014
Learn what to do and how to treat little disasters that happen daily in the home with simple natural remedies. From burns to bites, from cuts to conjunctivitis, from mouth ulcers to molluscum; Sarah will teach you how to make natural home remedies and give you countless tips for dealing with these daily mishaps with confidence. There is a wealth of first aid remedies in your garden and with a little know how these can be put to good use – avoiding nasty chemicals from shop bought products and saving you money in the process.
Sarah is a Medical Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist and part time university lecturer with many years experience treating adults and children alike.
£40.  Please bring a packed lunch. Hot drinks will be provided.
To book contact Sarah on info@healthynewcastle.com or phone 07557 960422


with Michael Freeman
Wednesday 28th May 2014

On this one day workshop participants will have the unique opportunity to explore and record the sounds of Dilston Physic Garden with local professional composer and sound artist, Michael Freeman. The second part of the workshop will involve making instruments from recycled objects, through which we can learn something about the magical world of sound, and how it affects our everyday lives. After improvising, creating and learning our own musical phrases, we will also record these. Michael will take all recordings back to his studio to mix & master into a composition, which will belong to all participants, and will be available for download from www.soundcloud.com/michael-freeman within two weeks after the DPG Workshopworkshop.
This exciting, unmissable workshop is limited to 20 participants, aged 8 upwards. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Please bring your own lunch.
Adults £40. Under 18’s, over 60’s & registered disabled £25. Family group (up to 2 adults & 2 children,) £65 (includes tuition, materials & download):
To book email michaelnewmusic88@gmail.com


with Sarah Hughes
Saturday 31st May 2014
As women we have a cycle that is ruled by hormones. This can run smoothly or have its ups and downs, especially at certain times of the cycle – the teenage years and towards the end – the perimenopause and menopause. There are many things that can be done using herbs and nutrition to ease irritating and downright debilitating symptoms of these tricky times. Sarah will look at these and give lots of herbal and nutritional advice for them as well as other conditions such as osteoporosis, headaches, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and migraine.
Sarah is a Medical Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist and part time university lecturer who has treated hundreds of female patients with hormonal complaints.
£40.  Please bring your own lunch. Hot drinks will be provided.
To book contact Sarah on info@healthynewcastle.com  or phone 07557 960422   www.healthynewcastle.com

KITCHEN ALCHEMY – a half day mindful cooking and eating retreat

DPG Workshopwith Phillippa Lee
Friday 20th June 2014
We will use herbs as a focus to produce a fragrant flavoursome lunch from my book Kitchen Alchemy. We will cook a meal together and then experience an eating meditation.  The day will be relaxing, nourishing and will help you to connect with everyday cooking and eating in a more mindful way.
Phillippa Lee trained as a chef and then travelled all over Europe catering for rock stars and their crews in tiny make shift kitchens.  Food took on a more holistic meaning whilst living and working in Scotland’s Findhorn community.  Phillippa has co-written Kitchen Alchemy a book which is about transforming our self through mindful cooking and eating.  £30.
To book contact Phillippa on 01434 607288 or email connectingwithangels@gmail.com


DPG Workshopwith Victoria Harrison
Saturday 14th June 2014
As featured in BBC 2’s Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution.  Learn how to make mosaics with artist Victoria Harrison. Anyone can have a go – from beginners to advanced – no drawing or artistic skills required and you will be delighted by the results. You will take home a stunning piece of mosaic to impress friends and family. Please view my website: www.living-mosaics.com.
£45 includes all materials.
Please bring your own lunch.
To book please contact Victoria on 07768 080947 or email v.a.harrison@btinternet.com


with Phillippa Lee
Sunday 15th June 2014
Saturday 23rd August 2014
On this one day practical course led by Phillippa Lee you will be exploring the history of Flower Essences, connect with the Plant Devas and learn how to make your own Flower Essence.  You will learn how to dowse for the right essence and how and when to take them.
Phillippa was first introduced to flower essences whilst living at the Findhorn Community in 2000.  She then went on to co-create Aquarius Flower Essences in Northumberland and has since worked as a healer, flower essence therapist and artist.  £45 for the day including tea, cake and flower essence materials. Please bring your own lunch.
To book please contact Phillippa on connectingwithangels@gmail.com or phone 01434 607288


DPG Workshopwith Davina Hopkinson (Medical Herbalist)
Wednesday June 18th 2014
There is a wealth of medicinal plants growing all around us in the hedgerows, woodlands, fields and gardens.  Learn from a medical herbalist how to gather and use these freely available plants to make simple remedies such as infusions, tinctures, syrups and salves.  All materials provided.
£40 (£10 non-refundable deposit necessary to secure place) including tea & coffee but please bring your own lunch.
To book and for more information contact Davina at davinaherbalist@gmail.com or phone 01661 842897


with George Wake
Saturday June 28th 2014

A look at a number of the fascinating hallucinogenic/ entheogenic plants that are used by American and African indigenous cultures as adjuncts to belief systems. There will be some interesting chemistry of nerve interactions and discussion of whether these plants open gateways to alternative realities or simply mess up finely tuned perception mechanisms in the brain.
£25 including tea & coffee
To book email George at shiftshaper1010@gmail.com

HEDGEROW MEDICINE: Introduction to Herbal Medicine

with Ross Menzies
Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Recognising plants when out in nature, and working with them can be a wonderful journey of deepening your connection to the natural world. Becoming more aware of the meaning of symptoms and using medicines that you have carefully prepared from local plants to restore balance is a simple, life affirming and essential experience.

This day will provide the skills, knowledge and confidence to begin or continue this journey.

Discover some of the many medicines and foods that can be gathered from the hedgerow, learn how to identify them and how to make a range of medicines for many first aid situations and for minor ailments.

You will make an ointment and a tincture to take home as well as a range of other preparations and you will never walk down a hedgerow in the same way again!!

£45 – a £20 non refundable deposit is required to secure a place, the full balance being paid on the day. Please bring a packed lunch, hot drinks will be supplied.  Please bring waterproofs or an umbrella if it is wet as the course will still run.

To Book phone 01434 606619 or email Ross Menzies ross@the-herbal-clinic.co.ukwww.the-herbal-clinic.co.uk


with Jenny Blayney & Jill Schnabel
Saturday 12th July 2014

Explore the Secrets of Healing Plants through close group observation and herb sampling, followed by a painting and drawing experience with a chosen plant. No previous art experience needed to take part. Jenny is an art therapist working out of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and using Goethe’s model of plant observation and metamorphosis. She is joined here by Medical Herbalist and herb gardener Jill Schnabel, one of the tutors on the Dilston Foundation in Plant Medicine.   £45 including teas and art materials. Please bring your own lunch.
To book please send £10 deposit to Jenny Blayney, 4 High Buston , Alnwick, NE66 3QH. T: 07909 910107. E: jennyblayney@gmail.com. W: www.magentaarts.co.uk


with Ross Menzies and Katrina Padmore
Saturday 19th July – Sunday 20th July 2014 (2 day course)

Plants have always been revered for their healing properties. In many cultures (and historically in our own) healers have had very close relationships with their healing plants and have often described having a communication with them as part of a healing process. This course will help develop the skills needed to sense the more subtle qualities of plants and to work with them using their subtle energies to promote healing – physical, emotional and spiritual. We believe and have found that working with plants as living, evolved and complex beings, coming to them from a place of deep respect and reverence, allows a deeper healing to occur.

This weekend offers the opportunity to explore how we access sacred experience and how plants can be powerful allies on our path. During the weekend we will find our own plant ally to work with us at this unique stage of our life’s journey and will prepare an essence from our plant to take home.

Tutors Ross Menzies and Katrina Padmore host regular therapeutic workshops, helping participants find meaning and healing through connecting with the nature. They work with a deep sense of spiritual connection to the natural world and incorporate meditation, poetry and a variety of exercises to enhance sensitivity and intuition in their work. Ross is a medical herbalist based near Hexham and has been in practice for 15 years, he is an experienced tutor and therapist. Katrina has been inspired by plants, gardens and gardening all her life and is passionate about using these to nurture and inspire others on their spiritual journey.

Cost £95 (£80 for Foundation participants; if booked as your optional FPM course, students pay difference from £40) – a £40 non refundable deposit is required to secure a place, the full balance being paid on the day.  Please bring a packed lunch (hot drinks will be supplied).  You may wish to bring a camera or sketch pad to help identification of plants after the course.  Please bring waterproofs or an umbrella if it is wet as the course will still run.  Nearby accommodation can be found at Shepherds Dene House (www.shepherdsdene.co.uk) or at a number of nearby B&Bs – e.g. Dilston Mill (www.dilstonmill.com), Dilston Plains (01434 602785), The Crofts (www.2thecrofts.co.uk), Priorfield B&B (01434 633179), Rohilla (www.rohillabedandbreakfast.co.uk), Peartree House (www.peartreebedandbreakfast.com).
To Book phone 07762244381 or email Ross Menzies ross@the-herbal-clinic.co.uk  www.the-herbal-clinic.co.uk

– using essential oils and hydrosols in herbal healing

with Cathy Skipper
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th July 2014
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm
A two-day workshop for people in herbal practice, aromatherapists and other complementary practitioners or those interested in deepening their knowledge of French herbal traditions.  The aim of this weekend is to share with you my experience of using essential oils and hydrosols following the ‘French’ school of thought.  Highlights will include:

  • Using oils internally
  • Their role in a herbal prescription and dosages
  • Catherine will have a variety of oils from France to compare, and addresses for the best hand crafted oils available in France
  • The role of hydrosols and their doses in herbal prescribing
  • A practical demonstration of distillation to make hydrosols and essential oils

About Catherine Skipper: Catherine grew up in the UK but has been living in rural France since the 1980s.  After studying herbalism at Lyon’s School of Medicinal Plants she worked as a wild crafter and grower producing a range of herbal teas and herbal products. She now teaches field botany, “healing plants with plants” and herbal gardening at the Lyon School. She also runs and teaches medicinal plant, aromatherapy and hydrosol workshops internationally as well as being the co-ordinator for the new International Herbal Network, Herbalists sans Frontières (www.hsf-network.com).
Cost £120 (if booked as your optional FPM course, students pay difference from £40).  Please bring cold foods to share at lunch times.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are included.
Nearby accommodation can be found at a number of B&Bs – e.g. Dilston Mill (www.dilstonmill.com), Dilston Plains (01434 602785), The Crofts (www.2thecrofts.co.uk), Priorfield B&B (01434 633179), Rohilla (www.rohillabedandbreakfast.co.uk), Peartree House (www.peartreebedandbreakfast.com) or Shepherds Dene House (www.shepherdsdene.co.uk).
To book & for details please contact Cathy at cathy.skipper@outlook.com.


with Christine Headland
Saturday 2nd August 2014

Spend the day reconnecting with your own true sound and voice, working with your heart chakra and the natural world.  Including drumming chanting and toning.  £30. Please bring your own lunch.
To book email headland.christine@yahoo.co.uk  


with Pauline Aitken
Thursday 7th August 2014
Explore the power of drawing to express the intriguing nature of fascinating and dynamic medicinal plant forms with the physic gardens Artist in Residence Pauline Aitken.  Discover the way these plants affect the human body and experiment with ways to describe this.  Pauline will also give a talk on the collaborative project that she is currently undertaking on this theme with neuroscientist Professor Elaine Perry, Curator of the Physic Garden.  Open to adults & children 12+.  www.paulineaitken.com.
Adults £45 (under 18yr & concessions £35.00), £10 deposit is required to secure a place, the full balance being paid on the day.  Basic drawing materials will be provided but please bring your own materials if you would like to work in colour.  Please bring a packed lunch, hot drinks will be provided.
To book or for information please contact Pauline pja@paulineaitken.com or tel. 01933 278359.


DPG Workshopwith Davina Hopkinson – Medical Herbalist
Tuesday 12th August 2014
Tuesday 19th August 2014
10.30am – 12.00pm
Enjoy an exciting herbal adventure through this amazing garden.  Children will love solving the puzzles, learning fascinating herby facts and also using herbs to keep them safe on their journey.
£5. Suggested age: 7-11 years
To book or for more information contact Davina at davinaherbalist@gmail.com
Tel: 01661 842897


DPG WorkshopWith Mike and Jane Lewis
Saturday 16th August 2014
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Dilston Physic Garden has its own apiary.  This afternoon workshop offers a chance to find out about these fascinating creatures and dispel some of the myths that have arisen in recent times.  What is the difference between bees and wasps?  Will bees survive?  What can we do to help?  How many are there in a hive?  Where do new queens come from?  How (and why) do bees make honey, wax and propolis?    What do they eat?  How do they communicate in a dark hive?  What is a swarm?  What makes a good bee-keeper? Why is Dilston such a good apiary site, and how are the Dilston bees managed?  £20 payable on booking; places limited to 20.
To book, or for further information, please email bees@stamfordham.biz 


with Valerie Laws Writer in Residence
Wednesday 27th August 2014
1pm-3.30pm  (half day course)
Mind-altering magical herbs, poisonous and healing, grow here in this beautiful physic garden, rich in ancient myths and modern science. Create poetry or short prose, or kick-start that novel, from the sights, sounds, and scents of this wild garden of drugs and simples, rushing river and sighing trees, devise powerful spells to focus the mind – to change your mind, and even your life. Find inspiration in this creative writing workshop with Writer in Residence Valerie Laws (www.valerielaws.co.uk). Outdoor if possible, or in the Herbology House.  £5 including revitalising fresh herbal infusions and homemade cake.
To book contact Valerie on valaws@yahoo.co.uk or 07949 956253


DPG Workshopwith Rory MacPhee LlB PGCE representing Mara Seaweed
Saturday 30th August 2014
Why do most authorities on herbal medicine exclude marine macroscopic algae – AKA seaweed?  This workshop will attempt to insert a small chapter into your book of herbs, describing coastal ecology, life-cycles, species and uses. A wide variety of seaweeds – both raw and dried – will be available which will form the basis of luncheon cooked by the Teacher. To prepare for the day, if you wish and have the time, please go to a beach at low water, find some algae, lie down and look at it very closely for a period of time.  If you wish, ask the algae a simple question: who are you? Cost £40.
To book please contact Rory MacPhee on rorymacphee@yahoo.com
Tel:  0780 086 9626  Twitter:  @rorycurrach

DEADLY NIGHTSHADES: Tea, Cake & Crime Fiction

with Valerie Laws Writer in Residence
Saturday 6th September 2014
1pm-3.30pm (half day course)
Skulduggery in the herb garden, as we unleash the deadliest poisons and their evil effects on our imaginations! Learn about the powers of herbs grown to heal and to harm, how they work on the mind and body, the signs and symptoms to look out for, and have a go at committing murder – fictional of course! In this remote physic garden, with its wild waters rushing by and beautiful but potentially sinister woods and fields, anything can happen. Start something scary to continue at home, as you choose your poison!  £5 including revitalising fresh herbal infusions and homemade cake.
To book contact Valerie on valaws@yahoo.co.uk or 07949 956253


DPG Workshopwith Christine Fisk
Saturday 20th September 2014
1pm-4pm (half day course)
Spend an afternoon learning how to look after your skin and deal with minor skin conditions using BEAUBELLE, a beautiful skincare range researched and developed in Switzerland, containing natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. Everyone will be given a £25.00 voucher to redeem against any BEAUBELLE product purchased on the day. £35 (students and other concessions £32.00)
To book email info@ethos.uk.com or phone 01388 451886

Herbal Remedy Making Workshop

with Davina Hopkinson (Medical Herbalist)
Wednesday September 24th 2014

Learn from a medical herbalist how to gather and use plants and berries from the autumn harvest to make your own winter cough and cold remedies such as infusions, syrups, tinctures and salves.  All materials provided.
£40 including tea and coffee but please bring your own lunch.  £10 non-refundable deposit necessary to secure place.
To book and for more information contact Davina at davinaherbalist@gmail.com or phone 01661 842897


with Gary Fildes
Friday 26th September & Saturday 11th October 2014

The skies over Dilston Physic Garden are wide and dark – perfect for an evening exploring our Universe. Gary is the Founder Director of Kielder Observatory and will lead an introduction to astronomy. The Observatory 12″ telescope will be transported to Dilston for these events and under Gary’s expert tuition you will see far out in time and space, taking in star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. He will tell a story of science and wonder which takes us from what we can see with the naked eye all the way out to the furthest regions of the Universe!
Gary Fildes is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and was recently awarded an honorary Masters degree in recognition of his outstanding achievements in astronomy.
£25 Adults, £65 Family, £20 Concessions. Please bring a torch! Hot drinks or a glass of wine & homemade cakes will be provided.
To book contact Gary on gary@kielderobservatory.org or go to www.kielderobservatory.org

for parents & carers of children

with Kay Cooke
Saturday 4th October 2014

Join us for a day in this magical environment for practical activities that build resilience and happiness for you and your children.DPG Workshop
Learn how you can help your children to use new ways of thinking and avoid getting stuck in problems, and discover herbs that help. Happy Brain is a project tried and tested on hundreds of children; building resilience in next generation thinking. Some of the principles of this project are based on NLP, if you are curious to see this application.
£65 per person including VAT & refreshments. Booking essential – limited places available. You will need to bring a packed lunch and both indoor & outdoor clothes.

To book contact Kay Cooke – Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Therapist
t. 07876 228157 e. kay@the-me-group.com w. www.the-me-group.com | www.the-me-room.com 


with Ross Menzies
Sunday 5th October 2014

A day devoted to getting to know some of our wonderful healing trees. Learn how to identify them, discover some folklore around each tree and explore their many healing properties. Prepare an elderberry winter cold and flu tonic, an acorn antiseptic / antifungal rinse that can be used to stop bleeding and a medicine from willow that can act as a natural painkiller. The course will have a strong practical element – preparing remedies and getting out and about getting to know the trees.
Course tutored by Ross Menzies, a Medical Herbalist based near Hexham. He has been in practice for over 10 years and uses mainly native plants to treat many acute and chronic health imbalances. He is an experienced tutor and has a strong interest in wild foods as well as a deep belief that Nature can be a source of spiritual nourishment and inspiration, this is reflected in the course.
Cost £45 (£40 for Foundation participants) – a £20 non refundable deposit is required to secure a place, the full balance being paid on the day.
Please bring a packed lunch, hot drinks will be supplied.
You may wish to bring a camera or sketch pad to help identification of plants after the course.
Please bring waterproofs or an umbrella if it is wet as the course will still run.
To Book phone 01434 606619 or email Ross Menzies rossmenzies67@tiscali.co.ukwww.the-herbal-clinic.co.uk


with Elaine McKenna
Saturday 29th November 2014
11am–3pm (half day course)
Learn the basics of making your own Christmas wreath and take away your finished product so that it can be proudly hung upon your door this festive season. The half day course will teach you how to apply the base to a wreath ring and how best to tie on your fir, holly, pine cones, berries and ribbons. All materials are included in the cost of the course together with basic gloves for application. However, as you will be using sharp instruments and handling foliage such as holly, fir, pine cones and berries some products may cause irritation, or feel uncomfortable to the touch. If you have your own gardening gloves which you feel are more suitable for you to wear on the day then please DO bring these along.
There is no lunch but if you wish to bring your own, please feel free to do so as we will be having a half hour interval between sessions to rest our fingers. Tea will be provided on the day.
Cost £20 (Maximum people per course – 10)
To book please email: emckenna2012@yahoo.co.uk or telephone: 01434 685687

More workshops may be added as the year progresses, so please watch this space!

If you would like to run a course yourself please email physic-garden@hotmail.co.uk

Dilston Physic Garden, Dilston Mill House, Dilston, Nr. Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5QZ