Delve into the magical world of herbs. In addition to the 4 regular Potion Clubs over the summer medical herbalist Davina Hopkinson has created a new fun and fascinating course for children (guide 8 – 12 years) who want to delve deeper into the intriguing world of plants for medicine.

Potion Club EXTRA brings 6 interactive sessions in 2018, each one unique, monthly on Saturdays, starting in March through to September 2018 (except one Sunday and excluding August).

Learn all about local plants you find in the garden, hedgerows, woods and fields and go out to forage for some of them. Each month explore which plants are growing and how they can be turned into medicinal potions – like the spring tonics to give your body a kick start after winter, or the roots & berries of autumn to make cold & flu remedies.

From plants to help sore tummies and even help you sleep, we’ll choose a plant of the month, explore what it does, how it does it and turn it into a real life effective potion! You’ll be able to record your recipes in your own potion book, along with your thoughts and artwork.

With some scintillating history (herbal medicine goes back 60,000 years!) and telling of mysterious magical folktales, there’ll be plenty of safe health giving potion-making.

£15 or £25 for two children, with a discount for booking the whole course. Please bring your own packed lunch. For further information contact Davina on 01661 842897 or *Please note these dates are provisional.

Dates* of Potion Club EXTRA 2018 :
10am to 2pm 
Saturday 17th March
Saturday 2nd April
Sunday 13th May
Saturday 16th June
Saturday 14th July
Saturday 22nd September
*please note these dates are provisional