Pure Bath Ritual


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Pure Bath Ritual
A purely herbal blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula Petals, Damask Rose Petals and Pink Rose Buds (no salt here…). Pure is a pretty mix of botanicals with pretty big benefits. This gentle and aromatic soak is perfect for you and your children. The thoughtfully chosen botanicals within this ritual will help to gently nourish and soften skin (also beneficial for easing nappy rash) and along with their calming and relaxing properties they will assist in relieving anxiety and tension, helping to calm the mind ready for a restful night’s sleep.
Enjoy all the natural benefits of these botanicals in one pure and gentle bath soak. A perfect partner at bedtime!
How To Use: Fill the reusable muslin bag with botanicals (the bag keeps all the petals together for easier cleaning). Place into warm running water, swirl and squeeze the bag to infuse your bath. Lay back, relax and enjoy.
Elysian Botanicals – Created for your wellness, our aspiration is to create a happy space for a moment of calm and self

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