Talks, Tours and Educational Visits

We are delighted to be open for pre-booked group visits.

From an introduction to a physic garden, a discovery of plant medicine or an exploration of plants to improve the mind, enjoy a tour, talk or workshop, and all in the tranquil setting of Dilston Physic Garden

Talks and Tours

Organised by prior arrangement and dependant on availability, just let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

Please note tours & talks are charged in addition to admission price (reduced cost of £5 per person). Group size for walk around tours is limited to 15. We can give a talk and screen presentation to up to 20 in our classroom.

Introductory Tour

Unveil the fascinating world of a physic garden and its medicinal plants, where centuries of wisdom meet cutting-edge science. This captivating introductory tour will kick-start your life’s botanical journey! Led by our volunteer guides, immerse yourself in the rich history and diverse offerings of a physic garden while delving into the evolution of this physic garden and exploring its special collections. Leave with insights and inspirations into the three vital roles that medicinal plants play today in healthcare and in enhancing our well-being.

£40, 30 minutes | £80 , 60 minutes.

Plant Medicine
Embark on a journey into plant medicine today, with our sought-after talk/tour led by a seasoned a NIMH medical herbalist. Explore the wonderful medicine chest of our native plants and some of the wild foods available too. Bringing plants to life, unlock our treasure trove of natural remedies and foster an appreciation for their therapeutic potential, all the while appreciating the beauty of the physic garden. You might never see a hedgerow in the same way again!

£40, 30 minutes | £80, 60 minutes.

Botanical Brain Balms: Exploring Plant Medicine for the Mind

A tour for the mind, led by either Dr Nicolette Perry, a pharmacognosist and director of our physic garden, or Professor Elaine Perry, the curator and renowned neuroscientist. This immersive experience introduces the concept of a modern day physic garden with a focus on plant medicine to improve sleep, memory, mood, and more. Explore how some of these natural remedies have been scientifically demonstrated to rival single chemical drugs in efficacy while boasting minimal to no side effects. Gain a newfound appreciation for the power of medicinal plants to nurture and maintain our mind. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this tour promises to inspire and educate as we uncover secrets of nature’s pharmacy.

£40, 30 minutes | £80, 60 minutes

Outreach Botanical Brain Balms

Dr Nicolette Perry regularly gives outreach Botanical Brain Balms talks and dependant on availability can talk to your group – please state this in the enquiry form below.

University and College Visits

There are numerous opportunities, dependant on availability, for students and groups to learn about medicinal plants from the physic garden across a range of subject areas: botany, herbal/plant medicine, history, horticulture, pharmacognosy, including essential information on the use of plant medicine for the medical and pharmacy student. Students can also volunteer and be given guided work experience dependant on availability.

We provide expert tours and talks, and dependent on students needs, based on themes such as;

  • Natures Pharmacy.
  • History & Facts Behind Plants Essential to Human Health.
  • Medical Drugs From Plants.
  • Plant versus Drug Debate.
  • Science-backed Plants for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia & Memory.

Pricing dependent on requirements and length of tour, talk and/or workshop. 

Please Contact Us With Your Group Booking Enquiries

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