Testing Medicinal Plants at Dilston Physic Garden

Would you like to volunteer for Medicinal Plant Trials?

We are investigating if plants have the effects indicated by traditional use and focus on plants for the mind, since so much of well-being depends an optimal state of mind. Rather than major multicentre trials involving objective measures, we plan to conduct small (but statistically valid) trials involving self-assessment i.e. using, as an outcome, individual subjective experience.

Such studies would involve volunteers of all ages (over 18) with normal mental health, taking a safe herbal preparation, once or twice a day for a week or two, and completing a self assessment form before and at the end of the trial period. According to best clinical practice, volunteers would be randomly divided into 2 groups, one taking the active agent and the other an inactive (placebo-like) with no one knowing which they are on (‘blind’). The results would be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

We would be most grateful if you would kindly complete this online questionnaire to help us design a useful and meaningful study:

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