Be part of the Dilston Physic Garden team and help us achieve our mission of education.

The Dilston Physic Garden Charity

Dilston Physic Garden is a dedicated enterprise researching and educating on the science of plants for health and medicine. As a registered charity it receives with no central funding and is run by a small group of scientists, medical herbalists and volunteers. Conservation and health education are at the heart of Dilston.

A charity for education, our vision is to increase public and educational engagement with the natural world, heighten awareness of the importance of biodiversity and educate on the benefits of medicinal plants for health, medicine and in cutting-edge drug discovery, as well as utilise the 2-acre site as an outdoor space for wellbeing.

We are strongly focused on raising awareness of plant medicine as an overlooked indispensable knowledge to help prevent chronic ailments and on helping bridge the gap that has grown between plant medicine and general medicine by educating on the now considerable scientific research that shows the efficacy of plant medicine.

We are looking for a committed volunteers across a number of roles to assist us with all aspects of running the Dilston Physic Garden.