Relax, take 2 minutes out, watch a moment of Dilston Physic Garden.

Unwind, take it easy, away from life’s hustle and bustle. Relax on the calming chamomile lawn, wander the medicinal meadow, soak up the sun on the sundial seat, walk the labyrinth or be soothed by the wind sculpture.

Explore medicinal plants and nature. Find plants that have given us cutting edge medical drugs, the foxglove (giving us the heart drug digoxin) or wander the 100 willow coppice – dedicated to the most used medical drug in the world.

On your way make a wish at the Cloutie Tree, meet botanical sculptures like the Mugwort Goddess and stop by a TimeSpace zone to see plant medicines round the world and through history.

Children visit the Witch’s Den, play croquet, giant chess or plant a magic bean.

  • Trailguides

    Take a trailguide – join a trail for your mood – Calm, Happy, Memory or follow the IntroTrail that takes you through the physic garden exploring spotlight themes such as Magic & Medicine, Chill Pills and the Tranquility Pool.

  • Snooze

    Snooze on our soft fragrant Chamomile Lawn, we find people often do!

  • Aroma Seat

    Rest weary bones on the Aroma Seat, a stone built seat surrounded by scented plant species to chill your body and mind

  • Labyrinth

    Wind down in our  Labyrinth in the Medical Meadow. It is said that if you ask it a question at the beginning you will have answer at the end!

  • Workshops

    Join a talk, workshop or course and discover how medicinal plants can transform your life, for health and medicine and rejuvenating body and mind. Make first aid kits, effective natural medicines for year round use, make an essence or lotion. Discover complementary practises for wellbeing that take place in this tranquil physic garden, from creative writing and drawing to mindfulness and tai chi. Children also enjoy our Potion Clubs through the season.

  • Medical herbalist

    Consult one of our affiliated medical herbalist in the tranquil setting that actually grows the prescribed medicines. Dilston Dispensary of Herbal Medicine is open every Wednesday in the summer

  • Botanical Tea

    Made at the physic garden with as many herbs as we can grow and crafted by experts on the science of what the plant can do for the mind. Our range of 10 botanical teas are all rooted in the science – Happy Tea is the the most popular, though our Memory Tea is a close second.

  • Learn

    Discover fascinating facts from our information signboards – telling you about each plant, from folklore and traditional use to modern plant medicine and science

  • Experience

    Experience nature with the 800 species of beautiful medicinal flora as they grow and change through the seasons.

    Our visitors come back through Spring to Winter just to see the garden changes each month (our season ticket help with this)

  • Tours

    Bring your group or school group to the physic garden and enjoy a tour, talk or workshop – by prior arrangement and dependant on availability. Just let us know your needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Please note tours & talks are charged in addition to admission price. Contact

  • Sculptures

    Spot our specially commissioned sculptures inspired by the most noteworthy medicinal plants. Meet Angelica Archangel, the Mugwort Goddess, Yin Yang the Dragon, Belladonna, Mandrake, the Foxglove Fairy and our beautiful red Phoenix

  • Discovery Course

    Take our seasonal discovery of plants for health and medicine with our inspiring 10-day Foundation in Plant Medicine.

  • Local Honey

    Take home our local honey produced by physic garden bees who buzz around all the scented medicinal plants, the hives are looked after by Stamfordham Bees.

  • Haiku

    See the Haiku (short Japanese poetry) on the relationship of plants and people, that has formed from the floating words on the Tranquillity Pool

  • The Physic Shop

    Browse locally produced restorative and medicinal botanical products in our little physic shop