Workshops & Events 2018

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Discover over 20 inspiring independent workshops for you, your friends and family.  Explore and enjoy the amazing health giving and medicinal powers of the plants around us. Unwind in the North’s best kept secret garden.

Workshops wUnearth plants that transform rejuvenate your mind and body – discover that plants are essential to our health, as medicines and as mainstream cutting edge drugs.  Explore their use in food, teas, tinctures, ointments and aromatherapy as well as in perfumes and essences.  Enjoy the benefits of plants in immersive experiences including creative writing, photography, art, eco-dying, astronomy and more.  From brain soothing to boosting, from botanical first aid to the treatment of specific conditions, from poetry to potion club, there’s a workshop for everyone.

Workshops at Dilston Physic Garden w

Make your own safe and effective botanical medicines and first aid kits for everyday ailments for you and your family.  Whether a two hour talk, half day or full day workshop, or on our 10-day Foundation in Plant Medicine course, there are a variety of ways to discover how to use plants for health and as medicines.

Children love our Children’s Potion Clubs over the season.

PLACES TO STAY for 2+day workshops try Air BnB in Hexham.There are a number of nearby B&Bs in Corbridge & HexhamVisit Northumberland has more places to stay including hotels, cottages & bothies or several  Camping Barns & Hostels. See Your Northumberland for other camping, caravan sites, glamping & wigwams. Shepherds Dene Retreat House accommodates groups.

Foundation in Plant Medicine Students at Dilston Physic Garden sm

FACILITIES for workshops and events include the use of the Physic Garden, the Herbology House (situated in the centre of the physic garden), The Physic Shop, WC and availability of our speciality Botanical Tea & Oaties during opening hours.

PARKING We’re working on it, but currently are car park is small.  If you’re coming to a workshop or event during public open hours (Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday) please only park just next door on the A695 at our Top-up Car Park shared with Dilston Scout Camp (directions). This is directly off the main road (not down the scout lane) and a pleasant 500 yd walk along the footpath/lane to the Physic Garden entrance.

TO BOOK Please use each individual contact in the course details below. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

WORKSHOP AND EVENTS ARE LISTED BY MONTH BELOW All events & workshops run independently and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Dilston Physic Garden. *Workshops marked with an asterisk are Optional Course choices for the Foundation in Plant Medicine that can also be taken on completion of the Foundation to deepen knowledge in that subject.