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This event will be live on 14th February 2021 – on this date click the button below for the session.

Yoga Nidra

30 Minutes 10am

Don’t forget to read More Information below before the class.

This beautiful 30 minute session is run by Debs Mullinder from Yogabutterfly.

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More Information

Yoga Nidra is often referred to as yogic sleep and yes at times during the practice you may feel like you are dosing off, but the real meaning and purpose of Yoga Nidra is very much like meditation. They both have the same goal: to promote a type of conscious relaxation. But as Yoga Nidra is always done lying down, there is a much greater opportunity to enter a deeper state of calm that prepares you for quality sleep.

Before the Class

For this class, prepare your space. Make yourself as comfy and cosy as possible. Ideally aim for no interruptions. Be ready to lie on a warm comfy surface, a yoga mat, carpet or in your bed. Feel free to cover yourself in heavy blankets, it’s helps you feel anchored into your space and place an eye pillow over your eyes. Some people like to do this with no music, others like to play their own relaxing tunes. Some have candles and nice smells, others just the darkness of the room.

Don’t have a heavy meal 2 hours before the session, as this can make you feel drowsy.  Don’t drink alcohol before or after the session, or any stimulating drinks such as tea or coffee (herbal and caffeine free teas are okay) as this will undo all the benefits of Yoga Nidra. Don’t feel disappointed if you do nod off, learning to quieten the mind takes lots of practice, be kind to yourself and don’t give up. Don’t plan on any activity (other than sleep) after the session, put the devices away and the to-do list can wait.

Perfect for anyone deprived of sleep, suffering exhaustion, stress or anxiety.
Not good for anyone who need to go to work or to do an activity after the class.