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This event will be live on 25th April 2021 – on this date click the button below for the session.

Yoga with Natalie

 60 Minutes

Don’t forget to read More Information below before the class.

This beautiful 60 minute Forrest Yoga class is run by Natalie from Yoga with Natalie.

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Facebook: Yoga with Natalie

Instagram: @yoga_with_natalie

This beautiful Yoga Session has been broken down in to 3 parts/videos. To ensure you get the most from this virtual workshop please ensure you watch the videos in the following order:

Ujjayi Breath (6 Minutes)

Wrapping the Shoulders (4 Minutes)

Beginners Class (50 Minutes)

In this 60 minute Yoga class we will learn the basic moves of Forrest Yoga and breathing techniques to keep us grounded and present through the pandemic.

We will focus on creating space in the shoulders and opening the heart.
Every Forrest Yoga class includes an aspect of core strengthening to keep us safe during the practice and away from the mat in life. Core awareness also helps us to keep a strong back and bring heat into the body.

Forrest Yoga gets its name from Ana Forrest the creator of this type of practice. Ana studied Yoga all over the world before designing this incredibly effective practice to counteract the demands of a modern, western lifestyle.

Natalie will lead you through this beginner Forrest Yoga movement meditation, helping to bring conscious awareness into the body and move us out of our busy mind.

For more information visit Natalie’s website https://yoga-with-natalie.co.uk/