Visitors to the physic garden will be prepared for a short (5minute) walk to the garden entrance gate. This is a pleasant walk along a riverside lane, which is also a public footpath, but please note that it has an incline at the end (for a flat walk park in our Top-up car park – see right).

Please note:

  • Wear footwear suitable for a muddy lane!
  • Follow the lane by the river, after 75m the path turns up to the right and there is an incline between 2 houses, the physic garden entrance gate is on the right at the top of the incline.



Please park in our Top-up Car Park only (not the small visitor car park) for all workshops, courses, events and to volunteer, throughtout the year 

TOP-UP CAR PARK DIRECTIONS Allow for a pleasant 8-10 minute flat country walk from the Top-up Car Park to the Herbology House in the centre of the physic garden.

Directions for Dilston Top-up Car Park 

  • Take the A695 east from Corbridge towards Hexham. Continue for just over one mile, crossing the rail crossing and the small bridge over the Dyvel’s water. Turn left into the lane at the top of the hill, 200yds after the small bridge. Coming from Hexham on the A695, turn right into the lane directly at the top of the first hill descent coming from Hexham, this is 200yds before the Dyvel’s Water bridge (if you reach the bridge you have gone too far).
  • On entering the lane, turn left through the gate into the grassfield carpark (please note you may need to open the gate if you are the first there). Please do not drive down the private scout lane.
  • Enjoy the 8-10 minute flat walk along the lane, turning left onto the public footpath at the cottage and after 250yd you reach the Physic Garden entrance gate on the left.
  • Bring footwear for a muddy lane!