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Aeolian Flutes

#aeolian #bamboo #wind #flutes newly installed at Dilston Physic Garden @MedicalBotany https://t.co/SYj15be01G — Dan Fox (@SoundInterventn) April 28, 2020

Memory Study

Worried about your memory? Want to see if plants can boost your memory ? We’re recruiting volunteers now. Spread the word!… Dilston Physic Garden, medical herbalists Ross Menzies and Davina Hopkinson and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew offer an exciting opportunity to take part in a second natural Memory Study in West and South-East Northumberland.  Do […]

What’s behind skullcap?

Can a plant really boost our mood ? A number of plants have clinical science to show that they effectively lift mood, balance mood swings and relieve mild depression (severe depression should not be self-treated). The widely recognized anti-depressive St John’s wort leads the way, but other traditional mood-boosting plants, verfiied in clinical studies today, include […]

What is it about Liquorice?

Love it or hate it liquorice has a range of health benefits. The ingredient of one of the world’s favourite sweets, including the North’s famous Pontefract Cakes, it is used in plant medicine for fatigue, particularly adrenal stress, but it also has memory boosting and protective effects on brain cells. Scroll down to find liquorice […]